Monday, October 20, 2014

Short Story Project Requirements

Short Story Project Requirements
Once upon a time... Short Story Student Blog
Yes, you are GRADED on this.

1. Read your classmates' stories.
    Read 40+ stories & comment for an "A"
    Read 30-39 stories & comment for a "B"
    Read 20-29 stories & comment for a "C"
    Read 10-19 stories & comment for a "D"

2. Give a positive and thoughtful comment for each story you read. You MUST be logged in to post a comment. {Keep in mind that your comments are public and can easily be shared with your parents, principal, or whomever. If you post anything inappropriate, derogatory, inflammatory, or in bad taste, your blog privileges will be taken away and appropriate consequences will apply. This also includes outbursts in class. Keep negative thoughts to yourself.}

3. Keep track of the stories you read using the handout I provide. You can download it on Skyward or get a paper copy from me.

4. Vote for your favorites. I will post the voting form when we finish reading them.

Have fun and enjoy the creativity of your classmates!

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