Friday, October 31, 2014


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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Number of Stories to Read

There are 44 current stories. Students should read at least 38 stories to earn an A.

1. Write your HONEST & DETAILED comments on your sheet that you turn in to Mrs. Orman. These need to be detailed enough that proves that you read the story. Writing a comment like, "Great story. I liked it a lot" is NOT detailed.

2. Write a WARM FUZZY comment ONLINE after the story. Warm fuzzies are nice things that make the writer feel good. You may also give constructive criticism: advice that helps them improve the story. But say it nicely. Please, no spoilers, please!

3. VOTE for your favorites. The Google form will be embedded into a new post on Friday.

Hope you enjoyed reading all your classmates stories! :)

Story #46: Party

Requesting rewrite.

Story #45: The Treatment

Requesting a rewrite.